Thursday, January 5, 2012

Berry Punch

I used to be quite a writer. Not in the sense of, "Wow! She's quite a writer! Someone should publish her!" More like, let me show you the mountains of notebooks I filled in highschool. Then I went to college, and my writing changed from emotional outpourings to analytical research papers. I tapped into a new part of my brain, which was fun. But unfortunately, I seemed to have closed off the other for a while. Recently I realized how much I miss writing. But I also realized I can't write the same way I used to. I don't have the same roller-coaster of emotions to fuel hours of poetry. But I do have a beautiful family, an incredible Savior, and a new, surprising, and exciting love of cooking. So here's to all of that! A journal that combines stories of the ones I love with recipes I hope you will love.

Now for the fair warning - the title of this blog is "Unmeasured" for several reasons. The love of Christ proves more unmeasurable to me every day. The blessings He has poured on me can't be measured either. But when it comes to cooking, I rarely measure anything. That's true for new recipes and things I make all the time. So, allow me some "guess-timate" room in my recipes, and give yourself some credit for experimenting until it tastes right. Enjoy!

Here's to Something New Punch
The same punch we drank on our wedding day

1 container of raspberry sherbert
3 2-liters of cranberry gingerale
1 package of fresh strawberries

Let the sherbert sit out until it's still frozen, but not rock-hard. Pour 2 bottles of cranberry gingerale for every one gallon of sherbert. Cut the strawberries and let them float in the bowl. As the sherbert melts, add the other bottle of gingerale. Yum!


  1. How exciting Allie, and fun! I will enjoy this. Is the background photo at the tea shop in Seattle?
    My sister loved that place. You and her would make a great team. She loves to cook too!
    Happy New year. God bless you in this new en-devour!

  2. Haha That is from Kathy. We are testing.....